The land of the free casino games and the home of the brave bets

One of the most common desires or experienced and novice players alike, is to find a magic land where free casino games and online sports betting converge. Whether to try their hand on some new, obscure online casino games without risking to lose hard-earned money, or to distract themselves by playing enjoyable and relaxing slot while waiting the outcome of their sports bet, more and more players skip specialized casino or bookmaker sites in favor of those, which offer both of these services simultaneously. In fact, watching sports where you put a decent stake on some outcome can be very nervous, exhausting experience. While best sports betting sites always offer livestreams of these events nowadays, it’s often a torture to look at the ball during tennis matches, worrying about whether it will fall correctly for your pick, or watch in horror how an underdog football team scores a goal on 90th minute, ruining your long and otherwise successful combo.

Still, since you’re already on bookie’s site and will be waiting for gamble outcome, Gambers Post recommends trying some free casino slot games to calm the nerves and pass some time. In most cases, slot’s grid image is corresponding to its theme and nature. For this particular task, we’ll be looking for simple images in cold palette, without arousing girls or alluring diamonds. “Big Prize Bubblegum” is one such game, “Butterfly Staxx” is another. Both of them got favorable reviews from gambling press, so going from free mode to online gambling for real money might be a worthy course of action. While you watch the reels roll and pressing that “Re-bet” button, sports event might end. Regardless of an outcome, your mood will be in much better condition than if you watched it. So where is this magic place, you might ask? Gambers Post knows for sure that most popular betting software giants, such as Betfair and Bwin, offer this option. At Bwin you can also play blackjack live with human dealers, which is a nice way to learn how to play blackjack in a friendly company, with professionals and high-rollers willing to give helpful tips. Just remember why you got there in the first place – for relaxing games content!