Gambling in ex-USSR – where the bet places you!

Soviet Union was a very strict place, Gambers Post confirms. It had no gambling industry, casino slot machines never crossed the Iron Curtain, and even poker and traditional card game wagering were prohibited. Any attempts at engaging in such activities were punished as harshly as prostitution, currency exchange and writing love letters to Pentagon staff. Ironically, this was one of the main reasons for its collapse – as Soviet people attributed the existence of USA gambling industry to greater standards of living in the West, alongside with supermarkets and a great variety of fashion brands.

It’s no wonder that once the Party’s grip was gone, many entrepreneurs in those new, independent republics, began to import working practices and expertise of their American and European colleagues. While race and sports betting took off almost instantly, with many bookmakers opening their doors, declaring bankruptcy and reopening under new brand once again… Casino news remained a niche for ultra-rich oligarchs until the late 90’s, when gambling dens for working class began to open in most cities. These dens were not always honest in their business dealings, with owners refusing payouts due to made-up reasons. That’s the reason why in Russia gambling opinions are forever sullied by this memory.

New 21st century brought many changes for the better. Invention and spread of the Internet allowed greater transparency, so unreliable casino owners were forced to play it by the book or get exposed. Modern Ukraine online sports betting counts dozens of local companies, with “FavoritBet” and “PariMatch” counting as most famous and trusted among them. While technically not banned, legal status of betting in Ukraine remains questionable for about five years already. Thus, shops and kiosks that these companies once owned across entire country were closed, with owners trying to provide their customers with best sports betting sites instead. Russians don’t lag behind, and capitalization of such brands as “Liga Stavok” and “Leon” remains healthy. Gambers Post is slowly but steadily gains reputation of trusted gambling news site on these territories.