Many gambling fans have a limited number of their favorite online slot games, which they start up again and again. To win or sometimes to lose, sadly. Aesthetics of these slots usually cater to player’s personality, while mechanics – to his or her preferred strategy. Often these virtual slots resemble casino slot machines from real life, immersing their users into the environment of rich Las Vegas surroundings or beach mansions from Miami. In other cases, they offer a retreat from mundane life in form of daily fantasy sports escapism. Still, no matter how many favorite online casino games our average player has, there is always a room for improvement. This is especially true when talking about Internet branch of the gambling industry, where so much depends on quality of software.

To address this issue, and to keep their games content up to date, most of slot developers worked hard to bring a lot of new offerings in the first quarter of 2018. Whenever Gambers Post checks up most prominent sites who compete for the title of the best online casino, there is some new stuff to find. For example, Microgaming presented their latest Oriental fantasy slot called “Huangdi the Yellow Emperor” as early as January. This game allows gamblers to enjoy a very unique moment from the history of China – Battle of Zhuolu. And it does provide beautiful art and an appropriate soundtrack to help with immersion. Truly, this slot looks and plays almost like a true role-playing game for PC, only allowing you to win real money!

A number of other developers tried to capitalize on current fashion trends. Thus, there are pink-haired girls in “Mermaid’s Diamond” slot and pink elephants in eponymous game. Clearly, those hipster girls have the far-reaching influence they don’t even know about! Gambers Post also tested a few other debutantes, such as NetEnt’s “Divine Fortune” - an interesting take on Ancient Greece, featuring progressive jackpot and impressive visuals. And another Microgaming’s installment - “Secret Romance”, themed for aspiring Casanovas among us. Both pieces of betting software impressed with their technical capabilities, handling newest browsers flawlessly and never producing a single bug or freeze. Win rate, however, was rather ordinary.